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Connecting people for green skills
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PROGRESS Programme

Entrepreneurship Projects

10/2014 – 03/2016

Overall Budget
212.000 €

Resumen – Summary
Green Skills es un proyecto enmarcado el programa PROGRESS de la Unión Europea que se dirige específicamente a identificar los factores laborales y formativos que restringen el acceso de los profesionales de la construcción a empleos que requieren nuevas capacitaciones y cualificaciones. Su objetivo prioritario es ayudar a estos profesionales aportándoles medios para desarrollar y expandir sus capacidades técnicas, profesionales y educativas, según los actuales requisitos del sector de la construcción en relación con la protección del medio ambiente, la sostenibilidad y la eficiencia energética.

Connecting People for Green Skills project aims to detect the work and training factors that make it impossible for construction sector professionals to get jobs that require new qualifications and skills. It will primarily focus on developing technical/professional and educational skills applied to construction in the field of the environment.
The main advantages of the project are that it will:
Seek recovery in the construction sector, promoting the sector as a new business in the future, accessible at local and EU level.
Define a new model of sustainable and competitive construction that creates new jobs specialising in new market demands. This model will be transferred for use by public entities and private companies.
Offer public employment services and associated job placement entities with a catalogue of new market offers and tools to link supply and demand to help them in their work.
Provide entities, training institutions and training path associations with tools to adapt the profile of construction professionals and workers to new job demands.
Creation of a joint collaboration network with local authorities, employment agencies, construction businesses and associations and under qualified professionals to generate productive and commercial management synergies.
Endorse the reliability of the services available.

Coordinador/es – Coordinator
Pacte Territorial per l’Ocupació en la Ribera – PATER (Spain)

Socios – Partners

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