Early Stage Idea


Company name:
Polytechnic University of Valencia
Company address:
Camino de Vera, s/n.
46022 Valencia
Applicant name:
Javier Sanchis
F. X. Blasco
S. García-Nieto
G. Reynoso Meza
J. M. Herrero
Phone number:
+34 610284766


Smart Setpoint (Smart-SP) - is a computer program, which is able to calculate optimal dynamic set-points for HVAC systems using weather forecasts and prediction models for different variables such as HVAC energy consumption, room temperature and room relative humidity. The smart optimization algorithm states the control problem as an optimization problem in which the energy consumption is always minimized maintaining within the specified limits room temperature and humidity. Using weather predictions, planned store occupancy and energy and climate models, Smart-SP can anticipate to abrupt changes in weather or it can manage holiday periods and weekends in a more efficient way. While current HVAC systems start daily at a fixed time and fixed setpoint and based in an appointed schedule, Smart-SP runs an optimization algorithm (based on computational intelligence methods and model predictive control), and calculates the best values for the set-points of the HVAC systems.

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