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C/ Castella, nº1
08400 Granollers
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Cesar Angusto
Marcel Verger
Ruben Melenchon
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+34 609243378


Lighthermy is an innovative energy recovery system for LED lighting installations. In all lighting systems, the energy consumed is split in heat energy and lighting energy. That’s why we get burnt if we touch a light bulb. In the case of a light bulb, proportion is 95% to 5%. 95 % of the energy consumed is wasted in heat energy.

In the case of LED based lighting systems, the overall consumption is much lower for the same lighting requirements, but the heat to light proportion is still up to 80% of heat to 20% light.

The LED based lighting systems have another relevant characteristic, heat energy is concentrated and can be retrieved and used bringing the whole system much more efficient.

Lighthermy retrieves up to 60% of the electrical consumption in applied energy usable for any kind of heating/cooling system. In addition to the energy recovery, Lighthermy maintains LED lighting systems at a lower temperature, this increases LED efficiency by 10% and increases its durability by 30%.

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