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Dynamic Close Loop Geoexchange

Company name:
ITECON Ingeniería y construcción, S.L.
Company address:
C/ San Fernando, 13 entlo.
12550 Almazora
Applicant name:
Jose Salido
Julian Rodriguez
Mónica Idañez
Gustavo Roig
Phone number:
+34 964562314


Dynamic Closed Loop Geoexchanger, a new concept intended to take energy from the earth (low temperature geothermal energy) in a cheap and easy way, without any issues related to the treatment of the water: it doesn’t take the water out from the ground.

Further environmental safety is achieved by using a secondary water loop, keeping the gas always inside the machine. We developed whole new equipment that works like a closed loop system, able to take the energy from the ground without making expensive boreholes.

1.-Our system can save up to 80% of the investment needed to the underground tube grid that conventional closed loop systems need.

2.-It is 50% more efficient than air source heat pumps, because we obtain a better coupled ground temperature.

3.- We only use the water from the one aquifer, avoiding to communicate several of them. And we don’t have to waste any water. We don’t take out the water of the ground.

4.- We can use this equipment to boost the efficiency of refrigerating equipment and plants for food storage, preservation and display, because they can work by the same way.

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