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Company name:
Politecnico di Milano
Company address:
Via Bonardi, 9
Applicant name:
Chiara Tagliabue
Michela Buzzetti
Claudio Del Pero
Mario Maistrello
Massimiliano Manfren
Fabrizio Leonforte
Giorgia Marenzi
Phone number:
+39 0223999468


The “ConsumLess” project is an integrated system that includes all the appropriate strategies and technological components to upgrade the Consum store to a Zero Energy Building. The system supplies the whole electricity needs with renewable energy, being carbon neutral and reducing dramatically running cost. The ConsumLess realizes a new concept of energy system: the thermal equipments, which produce hot and cold fluids at different temperatures, are usually split in standalone architecture. In the new system they are instead connected in series in a sort of network incrementing the overall efficiency with the adoption of adequate new thermal buffer storages. The primary energy is fulfilled by renewable energy generators such as a biomass CHCP, a vapor-compression heat pump and a PV plant. The lighting system is enhanced by partial replacement of the lights with LEDs. A Smart automated system controls the plants with a predictive model reducing running cost.

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