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LESS Competition introductory video

The world is moving too fast.Every day, a huge amount of energy is consumed. This supposes a steady environmental degradation and a result, the destruction of the Earth. Therefore, we have launches the LESS competition. An initiative of Climate-KIC, Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación and Cooperative Consum. To find those innovative people who stop to think about the way of reducing energy consumption. But how? By improving stores´energy performance. Specifically at one of the Consum supermarkets. The competition has 2 categories:

1. Early stage idea

2. Close to market solutions

Up to 20,000€ in prizes. Send your proposal until 6th October and participate in LESS competition.


11th Jul 2013 - LESS competition launch

25th Sep 2013 - Dissemination of LESS in CLIMAVAL Congress

13th Nov 2013 - Working Session at Valencia Fair

13th Nov 2013 - Notification of winners at Valencia Fair

21th Feb 2014 - Visit to a Consum supermarket

19th Jun 2014 - AqH Working Meeting at Tewis

Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación (IVE) - Tres Forques, 98 - 46018 Valencia - Spain -