LESS competition

Food retailers represents 33.9% of the retail trade sector and their use can be attributed predominantly to electricity for lighting (50%), refrigeration and air conditioning (35%). Small businesses wish to reduce their energy costs and the environmental impacts associated with their energy consumption. Valencia Institute of Buildings (IVE), in partnership with Consum supermarket co-operative, is sourcing energy efficiency innovations which could help reduce energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions from their high street outlets.

Through a challenge led competition, the project is identifying early stage and close to market energy efficiency innovations for application in high street supermarket outlets.

A high number of proposals were received from a wide range of climate innovators, falling into four discrete categories: products, simulation tools, energy management software, and proposals based on store re-design.

Each proposal submitted has received a final score, based on partial assessment of each of the evaluation criteria. The Technical and Strategic Committee meeting was held on 25th October 2013 and finalist proposals were selected for both categories: “close to market” and “early stage idea”.

The two competition winners for "close to market" category were "Accumulation in Quiet Hours (AqH)" and "OptiSinergy Solution".

For "early stage idea" category, the selected idea was "Smart-SP".



Technical Committee

Strategic Committee

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